Silverwood 6" x 3" Square Cake Pan With Loose Base

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This Silverwood Square Cake Pan would make the perfect addition to any home kitchen. Made from high qualiy catering aluminium for perfect results every time.


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Anodised aluminium alloy is an extremely efficient heat conductor, resulting in even heat distribution during baking and reduced cooking times. During processing the molecules of aluminium in the surface layer change their structure to form an "anodic oxide film", hence the name "anodised alumimium". This change is permanent. The surface can never blister or peel - even under the most adverse conditions. Anodised aluminium will never rust. Anodising effectively seals-in the aluminium, in much the same way as a non-stick coating does and gives bakeware easy-release, easy-clean properties. Silver Anodising: The anodised surface is characterised by a silver, smooth, easy-release, easy clean finish and the aluminium core is effectively "sealed-in".

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