What is Roasting?

Roasting is a common means for preparing meats and vegetables, during which ingredients are caramelised and cooked using dry heat, whether an open flame, oven or other means.

Large cuts of meats are among the most likely foodstuffs that are roasted by cooks, as it is often a good way of thoroughly cooking food to reduce the risk of food poisoning. For example, sizeable and tender cuts of beef, pork and lamb are all foods which can be successfully roasted. Also, vegetables can be roasted, particularly root vegetables, which are an ideal part of any Sunday dinner.

How long does it take?

Unlike cooking or frying, roasting can take a proportionate amount of time to complete, depending on the food that is being roasted. A rack of lamb may only take 15 minutes to roast, while a whole turkey can take several hours. Guidance on how long to roast meat for is readily available in cook books, but is often dependent on taste, particularly with meats that can be cooked rare, such as beef or lamb.

What equipment is required?

In addition to an oven, a meat thermometer is often recommended to assess roasting progress throughout a cut during cooking. Different types of meat have exclusive thermometer readings that confirm when they are ready to be eaten, which should be available in most reputable cookbooks.

Headcook and Bottlewasher can supply consumers with meat thermometers from their cook shop and a particular option is the Meat and Poultry Thermometer designed by Eddingtons that is available to buy for the sum of £8.50.

Also, a roasting tray is an important accessory for cooks that wish to roast their foods. Roasting trays allow meat to be stored in an oven while eliminating the potential hazard of food sticking to the oven's surface. In addition, it is recommend that a shallow roasting tray is chosen by chefs, measuring around 1-1.5 inches deep.

Headcook and Bottlewasher offers a selection of roasting trays, including the hard anodised deep roasting tray produced by Alan Silverwood. The tray is part of the brand's hard anodised range of cookware and is being sold at the price of £38.50.

While it may be obvious, the correct cookware such as plates and forks are also necessary in order for your home cooking to impress others when you are eating together with guests. To aid consumers with this, Headcook and Bottlewasher can supply items such as the four piece Childs Knuddel cutlery set by WMF, which can be bought for £13.99.

A good knife and a meat fork will also be necessary for slicing cooked meat into suitable plate-sized portions, while a trusty oven glove to remove any roasting tin or tray from the oven is also recommended.

Roasting recipes

There are many recipes that are perfect for roasting, which even those new to cooking can attempt.

One of these is the maple and roasted chilli parsnips dish and a recipe for it has been provided for the BBC's food website by Ready Steady Cook chef James Tanner.

Cooks can blanch their parsnips and stir olive oil with chilli and maple syrup before roasting for 20 minutes to create a delicious meal.

Another option for chefs is a dish of balsamic tomato chicken with roast potatoes.

The BBC's Brian Turner advises placing boiled new potatoes into a roasting tin with heated olive oil and roast for 15 minutes, before heating chicken breast pieces in a frying pan and dousing the dish a sauce made using a balsamic vinegar reduction.

Alternatively, roast vegetable soup can be made by seasoning a roasting tin full of vegetables and roasting for 20 minutes. The veggies can then be added to a stock or broth and blended to form a rich, hearty meal.

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